Our Capacity
    We are highly committed to our research and development efforts. These efforts have contributed to our ability to continuously improve our services to better meet customer demand for faster and more accurate results in a cost-effective manner. On the one hand, we have collaborated with third-party institutions in developing integrated systems that manage and monitor unmanned coal testing and inspection. On the other hand, our internal research and development team is committed to developing proprietary technologies designed to be highly responsive to customer feedback and the latest trends in technical advancements, including automated sampling and testing process. Our research and development expenses increased from RMB6.9 million in 2013 to RMB7.6 million in 2014.
    To ensure the relevancy of our improvement efforts, we staff our research and development team with technicians on the ground who understand the needs of our customers and how we can improve our services to address them. Our research and development team is led by Mr. LI Xiangli , our chairman and chief executive officer, and Mr. LIU Yi , our vice president, both with over 25 years of experience in coal analysis and testing. As of the Latest Practicable Date, we had six registered inventions, six registered utility models and two inventions pending registration in China, relating primarily to mechanical sampling techniques and informatized management of coal testing.